Super Whey Preserve & Strengthen Muscle

ProYoung – Super whey could be a distinctive formulation containing all natural ingredients, comprising of instantiated whey supermolecule, Medium chain triglycerides, associated soluble fiber in an exotic Strawberry punch flavour. Super Whey is free from milk sugar or contains no sugar. Whey supermolecule has 100% biological price and it provides all the essential and open chain amino acids that facilitate in building smart muscle and maintain overall eudaemonia of the Body.


Contains MCT oil from all natural copra oil for simple digestion and quick energy.Rich in amino acid and branch chain amino acids that aid muscle-building, endurance and recovery.Promotes repletion & provides a sense of fullness to avoid food cravings.Helps within the economical operating of hormone, so supporting blood glucose & force per unit area levels.


Grape Seed Extract with MCT Respiratorry Biss.

Grape Seed Extract may be a powerful inhibitor Crosses blood brain barrier simply creating it as a perfect for brain in preventing psychological feature (memory) loss particularly in varied life vogue chronic neuro chronic diseases. a good chemo-preventive and anti-cancer agent, promotes healthy heart, regulates glucose and improves hormone sensitivity, boosts immune function; promotes anti-aging by protective sclero protein and albuminoid, beautifies skin and stimulates hair growth.


Grape Seed Extract helps to reap the synergistic edges in metabolism, system, system & anti-aging by up V-Max O2 in optimizing metabolism perform.promotes cardio tube health by decreasing low-density lipoprotein & Increasing HDLMCT is another supply of energy for the brain there by increasing mental alertness, improves sleep, anxiety & depression.MCT fight cancer by providing different fuelto the traditional cells whereas starving cancer cells.

Papaya Soap – Handmade Organic

Healthy & swish Skin

Papaya soap used for skin lightening usually contains a special formulation of ingredients like Cocoa Butter, Honey, alcohol and Papaya that causes skin to lose its pigmentation.

2 x 75 Gms


Papaya fruit contains enzyme protein that stimulates skin restoration and cell flip over.Helps in exfoliation of the skin, improves healthy complexion and skin
softening & lightening.Helps to accelerate the somatic cell renewal and facilitate lighten the skin look.Abundant in vitamins, A, C&E and different antioxidants facilitate in skin wetness.